Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Week 4 day appointment update & more....

Well we had our 30 week and 4 days appointment today, which is an appointment because we have been dilated to 1.5cm since week 28.  This was another great appointment, cervix remains at 1.5cm and everything else is looking just great.  Blood pressure and weight are on target and our surro is in good spirits. 
Our appointment was actually the fastest one ever, our OB was on time and not off delivering babies.  We got right in, had some chat about the delivery and checked, released, see ya on Monday.  It was great.

We went to Perkins for some pie and lemonade, and to visit, we sat and chatted for a couple hours and then Brian and I headed home to get a run in.  I'm totally committed to losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks, and I am so determined!  I have done a great job since Sunday, with a run 2 nights, and walks all the others.  I am eating fruits and veggies, and drinking a ton of water.  Which I always do, water is actually my beverage of choice, but I am making sure I am getting the right amount.  I've gone cold turkey and cut our soda, diet and regular, and will begin turning off the daily Red Bull.  I've started scaling it back to the 8 ounce, instead of the 12.  It's a beginning.  I'm going to shed these 10 by July 4th!  I'll keep you posted.

My sister has everything under control for the shower on Saturday, and we're really excited to see some family and friends we haven't seen in awhile.  People are coming in from all over, and we are thrilled they are coming.  Our surro is hoping to get there, but we will understand if she can't, being on the modified bedrest, and it's just over an hour.  No biggie, but she would have to come alone.  Her fiance is going with her son to a race (son is racing) and her daughter is going to be gone.  We told her to bring a friend if she wanted too, so hopefully it will all work out.  The great news: THE SUN IS SUPPOSED TO BE SHINING!!! 

Well, other than that, just keeping the faith and holding a brave heart.  Monday's appointment is preceeded by an ultra sound and we are all really excited to see how much W&G weigh! W was 3.2lbs last time and G was 2.9 @ 28 weeks.  So, we are hoping they are both close to 4.  And then we have our Hospital tour as well, at 4:30.  A busy day, and we'll close with a nice dinner.

Perhaps until then, maybe a post after the shower,
Brave Heart!

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  1. Great update! I'm glad there hasn't been a change in the cervix. And I know you can reach your weigh loss goal, you're already doing so well! Keep it up!