Monday, June 25, 2012

1 Year Old on 6.27

Well hello, and my apologies for not blogging much over the last several months!  As you can imagine my time doesn't consist of sitting in front of a computer, or sitting period these days.  So much has changed in our lives as we approach the 1 year mark officially.  It's so hard to believe that it has been a year.  It feels like just yesterday we were getting the call just before midnight to head to the hopsital.  It's weird how I can still feel all those emotions, I can feel the dampness in the air as we pulled from the driveway into the rain heading for what I thought would be the longest drive of my life.  But, it has been a year since those emotions, that journey to the hospital.

It's been an amazing year, and I can't believe when I look at Wyatt & Grace now I see little people, and not babies anymore.  Wyatt started walking a couple weeks ago, not a lot, but everyday he tries a few more steps, and Grace is trying, but crawling so fast.  She is a little girl with a great big attitude! :)

Our lives have changed so much, but it has been worth every single change.  My children are everything to me, my whole life.  I can't even imagine now what I would be without them, and I have a hard time thinking about how our lives were before them.  When I have some alone time, which I don't get too much of, I find it weird to attempt to do some of the things I used to just do regularly.  Watch television for hours?  Who gets to do that anymore?! Not me! Which is also fine, because I find myself entertained by playing with the kids, reading to them, and lately making fun animal sounds as we try to teach them about the world around them.

Every day I see a new change, and as we move from baby foods to real people foods, I see it even more.  Their teeth chomping on hot dogs last weekend for the first time, they little giggles when they get a taste of ice cream, or something new.  They have the greatest laughs I have ever heard, and as they are both very ticklish we can hear it quite often! :)

It's sometimes bittersweet to watch them try new things, and see them change before my eyes, I do miss some of the baby things.  I miss cuddling with Wyatt every night before bed, he likes to go to the crib now, play with his doll named Cookie, and fall asleep.  Grace still likes to snuggle before bed, but I find myself these days somewhat sad as I know before long my precious little princess will grow to be independent too before bed.  But maybe she will always like to snuggle, for awhile anyway.  I can hope. 

We have had some great times this year, all the first holidays, the first trips to the zoo, the pool, up north for our annual winter family gathering.  So many good memories already have been made.  We did have some sadness too, with the passing of my grandma, Wyatt & Grace's great grandma, but I find I am so thankful they at least got to meet her.  Although they won't recall that meeting, we have the pictures, and we know how much she loved seeing them as often as we could.  Of course, looking back now I wish it would have been even more.  But, I take comfort knowing she is with my grandfather, and that Wyatt & Grace have another guardian angel to look over them all the days of their life.

We're heading to the lake for an entire family reunion, a place we used to go as kids, and I am excited to introduce them both to our old memories while building memories with them.  In November we'll be taking them to Disney World for the very first time.  Although they will only be 17 months old they'll have a blast.  They already recognize all the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, and Minnie and Daisy go everywhere Grace does.  Wyatt usually chooses to bring Donald along, but he changes things up unlike his sister.  His new toy is this goofy looking Green Lantern stuffed toy he picked out yesterday at Target.  Whatever makes him happy I guess.  I guess we'll call it diversity! :)

Well, for now I'll call it quits, I have to get back to work.  Although I am not working too hard as I was laid off, but they hold you captive for 60 days.  I do wish they would just release me so I can spend some time with Wyatt & Grace, but August will be here in just over a month, and I'll enjoy that time with them before I embark on the next chapter of my life.  And, of course, we are already talking baby #3!  But, I digress.

For now I say have a fantastic summer, and I promise I'll try and get better, and even post some pictures.