Monday, August 15, 2011

Wyatt & Grace are 7 weeks old today!

So I have been missing in action lately, but let me tell you with Wyatt & Grace around your downtime and alone time pretty much doesn't exist any longer.  I am not complaining, I love them more than anything in the whole world, even when they decide to scream for no apparent reason at the same time for over an hour and I want to put them out on the front porch! :) (Which I would never do)

Being a parent is still so surreal, and 2 weeks ago I was telling everyone that each day gets easier, but then all of a sudden they have become so fussy and cranky.  They both fight sleep to stay awake, like they will miss something if they close their eyes.  They are very content when being held, but that can't happen all the time.  I keep telling Brian that because they needed the love and attention, the cuddling, as they were premies we have created two little monsters who are only content when being held.  Of course I could hold them all day everyday, but that is so not realistic!

They are growing like crazy, and we have our 2 month appointment on September 1st, which was the soonest we could get an appointment.  Wyatt is growing out of his clothes so fast it's not even real to us, and our little Grace has grown a whole 3+ inches in 7 weeks.  They are getting chubby, and are still the cutest babies in the world. :)

Brian and I are pretty good about giving each other a break, getting out of the house to do whatever for a few hours, of course as I won't be getting paid until October 15th I find it difficult to go anywhere.  But having no money certainly opens your eyes to just what you DON'T need!  I really haven't felt deprieved, so all that crap I was buying, not necessary!
We just need to find a time to go out alone together now!  We have my parents lined up for August 25th, so we can go to a neighborhood party without the kids.  That will be our first night out together, and the first night Grandpa and Grandma have them!  Fun!

Our surrogate continues to recover after the issues during delivery.  We've sent off for all the medical records as we think a few things should have been done different, and have been advised to obtain records of appointments.  Sadly, our situation could have been prevented, and we're going to follow through with a potential course of action.  I am just thankful Wyatt & Grace are here, and that our surrogate is getting better and better each and everyday.

I'm off for now, I'll try to pop back again soon!!

To those who have lost a baby recently our hearts go out.  To those who have found they are pregnant we wish you the best of luck.  And to my friend 'K' who is on bedrest, Brave Heart!!  You will survive and that little baby will be here safe and sound in 10 weeks or so!!  :)