Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grace & Wyatt have joined our family

I'm using a portable device so this will be short, with more to come!

At 34 weeks 2 days Grace and Wyatt decided it was time to join us, with a little help from an old pregnancy enemy, PreEclampsia!

With her feet swollen, our surro called the nurse line and was quickly headed o the hospital, at just before midnight she gave us a call and said to head up because they were going to break her water. Brian and I were on the road 10 minutes later and arrived at the hospital just before 2a.m. As things progressed the water was broken, her blood pressure was not stabilizing and now we were getting into a risky area. Wyatt was head down, Grace was beach, so the epidural was put in and we went from 5 cm dilated to 10 in a matter of minutes.

In the OR two pushes later Wyatt Rhys came screaming into the world at 5 pounds 3 ounces looking dirty but otherwise perfect! 11 minutes later, after som maneuvering into a head down position, which was scary as hell, little Grace Violet came screaming in even louder than her brother at 4 pounds 4 ounces, and just as perfect as her brother. They were both exactly 17 inches long.

Our surro did great, but sadly suffered from the high blood pressure, went into shock and got toxemia. Her brain swelled and she lost her vision, which saddened the event, but I am extremely happy to report as of today she is on the mend! Her blood pressure is lowering, her color and strength are returning, and she is able to see with some blur for a good distance. She is expected to make a full recovery! Thank the good Lord above!

We are in the NICU but things seem to be going well, they said plan 2 weeks, give or take, so again we look one day at a time, and celebrate all the successes of Wyatt and Grace! They can breathe all on their own, Wyatt was already taken off his IV, Grace should be tomorrow, and they are chugging down their formula increasing right on schedule. Grace is having some issues with her bottle, a little slow, but she's getting there!

We have so much to be thankful for, I don't know how I can ever thank the Lord or our surro enough! It hardly seems real to me yet to see them and hold them, they are really here! I never imagined being able to love this much, but my two little miracles have been burned into my heart, and I love them more than anyone will ever know!

More to come, including pictures! Once I figure out how! :).

Brave heart, and God bless and be with all you special women out there who are so giving so that people like Brian and I can be parents and a family!!

Bravest of hearts!

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  1. I'm soooo happy for the both of you guys! M sent me the pics and they are just ADORABLE!!!! That's really scary about ur surro, but I'm glad she's making a recovery.
    Let the fun begin!!