Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekly Update June 8-June 15

Well it has been a pretty good week.  It had it's highs and lows that's for sure.  Mostly highs I think, but honestly I am so tired right now I probably shouldn't even be doing this. Ha!

We went to the Manitou Days parade last night with the kids out in White Bear Lake, which was fun, but it also meant dinner after, and the kids were up until 10:15.  Not a huge deal as occasionally they have those events where they get thrown off their sleeping pattern and routine.  But, as a parent that can be murder!  I knew Wyatt & Grace's late night would never mean a sleep in, and at 5:30 I heard a little voice in her room calling out for her nanoo.  Which if I haven't mentioned is her pink nuk.  The only nuk she will take, and I've told her when it goes missing the nuk days are over.  She clings to that thing.  But, anyway, she starts calling for the nuk, and being the bad parent I was this morning I figured it was on the floor, shell get over it.  I was too tired to get out of bed and go get it for her.  I know, I know!!  Well, then she starts yelling "Daddy."  "Daddy."  and then of course I'm going.  My little princess needs me.  LOL.  I get in there and the nanoo is on the floor, I give it to her and pray she'll fall back to sleep.  Oh no, she gets her nanoo and hen it's "out, down" with her little fingers pointing to the door, and her wanting to go downstairs and play.  Which, of course, we did.

I'm paying the price now, sitting her in the model home, it's raining, and I'm doing everything I can to stay awake.  Haha!!

We also got booked this week for our annual visit to Mickey Mouse, or Disney World.  We found an awesome deal, which now that we have to pay for the kids starting in two weeks to fly is a must.  We are all really looking forward to it, and the kids will be much more excited than last year.  They will be a bit overwhelmed I bet. :)  We are telling them all about it, and preparing them, even if it is 5 months away.

Let me see, what else?  We continue to plan for heir birthday, and I continue to try and decide what to get Brian for Father's Day.  I know I t's tomorrow.  Any ideas?? 

Work is good, I sold the model home today, which is awesome.  I only need two more sales that will close this year and I will be very happy.  I think I have them lined up, but as they taught you in real estate school, it's never a done deal until you get to closing.  But, I am optimistic.

Well friends, I think for this week I'll be off.  I would stay and write, but I am exhausted.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Update June 2-June 7, 2013

     So I promised I would write more and I am going to try and stay true to my commitment.  I realize people may read and think who cares what you have to say?  Ha, but I guess that's just the way it goes.  I'll use this as a tool for my writing need, since I can't find time to write another book these days.

     Incidentally on that subject Ii did self publish my very first book which seems like millions of years ago since I wrote it.  It got some good sales the first month but now it's dropped off.  I know it's because I need to market, that's a definite downside to self-publishing) but it's still cool to say I have it out there.  You never know when the right person will buy it, read it, get addicted, get their friends addicted, and it blossoms into the next big thing.  I can dream right?

     So I have been rereading them and reworking them all a bit, I'm about nine chapters into the fifth book, so far so good.  I am enjoying reading them after having not done so in quite a few years.  I still view them as one of my greatest accomplishments in life.

     So, I guess I should talk about the kids.  They are definitely the lights of my life.  We got their birthday invites all sent out.  So, I think that is a great relief.  We've landed on the cakes, a Fairy cake for Grace and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Wyatt.  It's a definite challenge having two birthday themes, but I take it as it comes.  They are both their own little people, and have not shared much their young lives.  This will be no different, and besides Ms. Sassy Pants would never have a theme she didn't like.  Oh yes, our little princess has already become her own little girl.  She picks out her clothes and will not wear what she does not want to wear.  It's cute, but some days what she picks just makes me laugh.  At least one day this week she was coordinated even if she was head to toe pink.  Otherwise, whatever she picks is anyone's guess.  Wyatt just wears whatever you give him.

     Grace is also very ready to potty and poopy on the big potty.  She will run to you and say pee pee, or poopy, and run to the bathroom.  I have sat her tiny little booty on the toilet everyday this week, nothing has happened, but as soon as we get off she does her business in the diaper.  So, I know she knows what to do, but maybe the big toilet is intimidating to her.  I think we will invest in a little potty for her and Wyatt.  I just can't believe they are already going to be 2 years old.  Where did the time ever go??

     Also this week, I asked the kids what they wanted to get Dada for Father's Day, and Grace promptly turns to me and says, "Pants."  I laughed out loud and asked her "Pants?"  she smiled gave me a giggle, and replied, "Yes, Pants."  I told Brian that and he laughed.  I may actually have to find some pants from Grace for him. LOL.

     Both the kids have been sick this week, but  in good spirits, other than the fact we are trapped inside due to our really great weather!  I thought we lived in Minnesota, not Seattle?  I wonder who put a bee in Mother Nature's bonet that she would be so miserable to allow us 50's and 60's in June.  Um, yeah June Mother Nature GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!  :)

     Other than that, been kind of busy myself with work, the real estate market is hot these days here in Minnesota.  I figure if I can sell 3-4 more houses this year I will be set, and whatever happens then can happen.  It's amazing to me that in 3 months time I have actually made what I made in my previous job for a year.  It's going to be even sweeter when debt is paid off and I can kind of coast and not necessarily worry about the next sale.  But, I take it one day, and one sale at a time.  Fall Parade will yield some sales, of course, those will have closings in the early part of 2014, but nothing like looking ahead and planning for a year right?  (I work new construction, residential, real estate.  So, closing takes place when the house is complete)

     Well, it has been kind of a slow week, so I'll pop off for now.  Of course I'll drop back in should something of fun or relevance arrive in my life.  Like maybe the summer weather?  LOL.

Peace folks,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some pictures from Florida of our happy family

Wyatt didn't take to the beach so well, but he sure loves the pool!

Our little diva Grace, dressed and ready to hit the pool, in her new "nini" as she calls her bikini.  So cute.

Family Fun time at the swimming pool.
Hunting for Easter eggs.
My little beach princess with her wild hair.  She loved playing in the sand.
I am seriously a very blessed man, and proud daddy!!  :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back to Blogging

Hello old friends, it has sure been a long time since I blogged anything.  Honestly after some computer issues and what not Ii actually totally lost the site for the longest time, and just now recently have had this pull to blog.  I decided today was the day to go looking for it, and honestly it wasn't too tough. LOL.

I have sure been a busy guy over the last year, considering that's how long it's been since I've even blogged anything.  It has been an amazing year to say the least.  Many changes in my life, as well as my beautiful families lives.

I guess I'll start that almost a year to the day I was laid off from my job of 10+ years at Allianz Life Insurance Company here in Minnesota.  It wasn't a surprise by any means, things had been shaky there for awhile and with a change in leadership I knew the day was coming that I would get a severance package, of course, with that came the debate on if I was going to post for a ne position or just take my package and go off into the world seeking new opportunities.  After all I did now have two small children to consider, and the economy isn't that great. 

In any event, after discussing the issue with my partner the day came, and my boss let me know that my position had been eliminated.  The discussion was not a surprise, but when she asked me what new position in the organization appealed to me, I played along with what did, but it truly was the end of the line.  I left the office that day with my papers in hand, and the feeling as if though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I could breathe, for in some way the chaos that was surrounding me would no longer do so.  I would leave the company with my head held high, and find my fortunes elsewhere.

The blessing was that Ii really already had gone down a path of seeking opportunities in Real Estate.  Working with a builder here in Minnesota selling new construction.  I followed that path, and my heart, which was great because it allowed me the opportunity to send August-December at home with  my kids as I was getting my Real Estate license and just taking a break from the world of work!  It was nice to decompress after a few years of absolute hell.

During that time Brian (My Partner) and I took the kids up north for their first family vacation too Birch Forest Lodge.  This was fun, they played with their cousins, and had fun on the beach and just starting to get a taste of the great outdoors.  We had so much fun. 

We also took our first plane ride with Wyatt & Grace to Atlanta for a long weekend, and that too was amazing.  We also headed too Appleton, Wisconsin to visit family, and took a great family trip to Disney World in November.  Needless to say out children are great at traveling, and will have many stories to tell about the places they have seen, all before they officially turn 2 years old. (We just got home from Chicago, and were in Destin, Florida for Easter)

Grace had surgery in September to remove her vascular birthmark on her cheek.  She handled it like a champ, and didn't cry once, which makes it a heck of a lot easier on myself. She was great, and she had a follow up laser procedure, and is good to go. 

My greatest blessings in life are my kids, how they have changes my whole world.  I cannot believe that today before I wrote this blog I was filling out Tinker Bell and Jake and the Neverland Pirate birthday invitations for their second birthday party.  Where in the world did the last two years go? I have watched my 4 & 5 pound little babies grow into toddlers who can take on the world and have so much light an energy in them.  Their smiles make me smile, and sometimes when they cry it makes me cry.  But every second with them is such a blessing to me.  Playing with their toys, or going for a walk over to the park.  Watching in awe as Wyatt climbs up the playset and goes down the slide, or smiling hen Grace points to the swing and says "wing" and seeing her beautiful little smile as I give her that first push.  Time does truly fly that's for sure.

They both have this thing where they have to be rocked before bed now, and some nights I am so tired I just want them to go to bed so I can have some downtime, but then I tell myself in the blink of an eye they're not going to want to snuggle and rock in the rocker before bedtime.  So, I forego that downtime in place of spending that precious time with the two most special people in my whole life.  How could I ever deny them those little moments, maybe they will remember them? 

Anyway I realize this is getting very long, but rest assured this time I am indeed going to be back frequently to write about life.  As soon as I figure out how to change the heading Ill give that an update too.  Of course after all this time I have totally forgotten how.  Not a shock, I really am technically challenged. Ha!

Please comment, leave questions, anything.  I'd love to see this grow interactively somehow.  I know there are still not a whole lot of gay dads out there, we are quite the spectacle wherever we go.  People are always commenting (good for the most part) and watching us,  But really, we're just like every other family out there.  We do the same things you do with our kids.  We just had too go a long and expensive route to have them.  :)

Peace for now,

Monday, June 25, 2012

1 Year Old on 6.27

Well hello, and my apologies for not blogging much over the last several months!  As you can imagine my time doesn't consist of sitting in front of a computer, or sitting period these days.  So much has changed in our lives as we approach the 1 year mark officially.  It's so hard to believe that it has been a year.  It feels like just yesterday we were getting the call just before midnight to head to the hopsital.  It's weird how I can still feel all those emotions, I can feel the dampness in the air as we pulled from the driveway into the rain heading for what I thought would be the longest drive of my life.  But, it has been a year since those emotions, that journey to the hospital.

It's been an amazing year, and I can't believe when I look at Wyatt & Grace now I see little people, and not babies anymore.  Wyatt started walking a couple weeks ago, not a lot, but everyday he tries a few more steps, and Grace is trying, but crawling so fast.  She is a little girl with a great big attitude! :)

Our lives have changed so much, but it has been worth every single change.  My children are everything to me, my whole life.  I can't even imagine now what I would be without them, and I have a hard time thinking about how our lives were before them.  When I have some alone time, which I don't get too much of, I find it weird to attempt to do some of the things I used to just do regularly.  Watch television for hours?  Who gets to do that anymore?! Not me! Which is also fine, because I find myself entertained by playing with the kids, reading to them, and lately making fun animal sounds as we try to teach them about the world around them.

Every day I see a new change, and as we move from baby foods to real people foods, I see it even more.  Their teeth chomping on hot dogs last weekend for the first time, they little giggles when they get a taste of ice cream, or something new.  They have the greatest laughs I have ever heard, and as they are both very ticklish we can hear it quite often! :)

It's sometimes bittersweet to watch them try new things, and see them change before my eyes, I do miss some of the baby things.  I miss cuddling with Wyatt every night before bed, he likes to go to the crib now, play with his doll named Cookie, and fall asleep.  Grace still likes to snuggle before bed, but I find myself these days somewhat sad as I know before long my precious little princess will grow to be independent too before bed.  But maybe she will always like to snuggle, for awhile anyway.  I can hope. 

We have had some great times this year, all the first holidays, the first trips to the zoo, the pool, up north for our annual winter family gathering.  So many good memories already have been made.  We did have some sadness too, with the passing of my grandma, Wyatt & Grace's great grandma, but I find I am so thankful they at least got to meet her.  Although they won't recall that meeting, we have the pictures, and we know how much she loved seeing them as often as we could.  Of course, looking back now I wish it would have been even more.  But, I take comfort knowing she is with my grandfather, and that Wyatt & Grace have another guardian angel to look over them all the days of their life.

We're heading to the lake for an entire family reunion, a place we used to go as kids, and I am excited to introduce them both to our old memories while building memories with them.  In November we'll be taking them to Disney World for the very first time.  Although they will only be 17 months old they'll have a blast.  They already recognize all the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, and Minnie and Daisy go everywhere Grace does.  Wyatt usually chooses to bring Donald along, but he changes things up unlike his sister.  His new toy is this goofy looking Green Lantern stuffed toy he picked out yesterday at Target.  Whatever makes him happy I guess.  I guess we'll call it diversity! :)

Well, for now I'll call it quits, I have to get back to work.  Although I am not working too hard as I was laid off, but they hold you captive for 60 days.  I do wish they would just release me so I can spend some time with Wyatt & Grace, but August will be here in just over a month, and I'll enjoy that time with them before I embark on the next chapter of my life.  And, of course, we are already talking baby #3!  But, I digress.

For now I say have a fantastic summer, and I promise I'll try and get better, and even post some pictures.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Has it really been 5 months already?

The title says it all!  Today marks 5 months since Grace and Wyatt joined our family.  The time has sure flown by, but our new little family is doing really well and we have adjusted to everything.  I cannot believe how big they are getting either, and all the fun changes which have taken place.

They are both all smile, and laughing.  I love that now when Brian and I come into the room they smile and get excited to see us.  They are jabbering like crazy, so much to say.  Grace is so quiet and mellow when she gurgles out her cute little noises, but Wyatt has found he can get louder and louder and louder so where he once was cute noises he now is pretty much yelling! :)  Which is still cute, of course.

Grace is rolling over and anxious to explore, her favorite toy is her stuffed yellow cow that has rattles in it;s hand, and crunchy ears.  She has learned how to shake it to make it make noise.  And she can even put  her nuk nuk in her mouth by herself.  She's such a smart little thing! :)

Wyatt is kind of a couch potato, but he is starting to attempt rolling over.  We think it's because he sees his sister doing that and wants to do so as well.  He likes music and bright colors, and has a nasty TV habit, we are breaking.  He has, like his sister, the cutest smile ever.

We started daycare a couple weeks ago, just part time, and the ladies tell us they fight over who gets to watch them because they are so good and the cutest babies in the place.  Of course I agree they are.  Wyatt and Grace have a great schedule, they eat and nap at the same time every single day, and don't kill us, but they have been sleeping through the night since end of September!  They go to bed after a little cuddle time at 7:30/8:00 and sleep until 7 in the morning!!  Needless to say their daddies have adjusted n icely to getting back to normal sleep patterns!  (Although the 7am is tough for Brian, he is not a morning person.)

We're trying to get a part time nanny now to come into the house, just to make things easier, unless the daycare at my work we've been using allowed for part time, then we'd just stay there.  It's good to have interaction with the other kids, and to build an immunie system.  They both have already survived their first colds.  And so did we, not too bad, just a lot of boogers. :)

Other than that, we have enjoyed our fist major holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and we LOVED every moment of it.  Wyatt really was excited at Halloween, and Grace slept through most of it, but Thanksgiving was truly special with much to be thankful for this year.  It was also fun to remember back to last year on Thanksgiving morning when we found out we were pregnant!  Hard to believe it has already been a year since we found out we were pregnant, and now it's been five months since our family was started!

We have our Christmas cards ready to be sent, and I have waited so LONG to send a card with our family on it, and this year we will, and every year after.  I have always looked a the other cards we have gotten and been sad we could not have one with our kids, but at long last we get to share in that excitement.  I loved having Holiday photos taken of our family, and I know everyone is anxious to see them.

So, for now that's that.  We move on with our family and our precious miracles, Wyatt and Grace. (Grace who incidentally Brian just brought in to my office and gave me the biggest and cutest smile ever, I love my little Princess!!, she definitely has me wrapped around her tiny pinky and will forever)

I'll be back, and try to get more regular updates for my loyal followers.  Six months is right around the corner, and so is Christmas!!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stay Tuned, the 4 month update is just around the corner!! :)

Wyatt & grace will be 4 months old on October 27th, so I will have a lengthy update then!!

Peace, and HUGE CONGRATS to 'K' on the birth of her little surro baby boy!!! :)