Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello Week 30!!!

Greeting to everyone, and sorry I haven't had a post recently.  I've been super busy and waiting for some real milestone before commenting any further than last time.  Today marks week 30 of our twin pregnancy, and I know we are all very excited.  We've been on modified bedrest for two weeks now, but everything seems to be alright for the moment.  Our surro is off to their cabin, since last Thursday, for some much needed, and well deserved, R&R! 

It's a good feeling to know we have made it to week 30, and that time is moving right along.  The holiday weekend, and a mid week appointment should help this coming week pass quickly, and with some luck we won't be dilated any further than where we were.

Next Saturday my sister and mom are throwing us a big family and friends shower.  That should be a lot of fun and a good way to celebrate hitting week 31.  But I won't get too far ahead of myself counting those weeks just yet.

I have spent the last two days taking tags off baby clothes and washing them up.  We have been shopping for clothes for over a year, so we do have a full closet for W&G!  I have also discovered that really cute baby scent that all babies seem to have, it's the Dreft!  Our laundry room smells like new baby, and I LOVE it!  Now if there were just two babies to go along with that scent! (But I am not rushing that moment, they need to stay in there for a bit longer)

I am doing well with my weight, monitoring it, and trying to take it too, one day at a time.  I'll get there, and with some nice weather I may just get out and have a few runs!

Well, Brian is waiting for me right now.  Going to get a counter top for our new bar in the basement.  Just one more project to get complete before W&G get here!!

until next time, Brave Heart!

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