Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grace & Wyatt have joined our family

I'm using a portable device so this will be short, with more to come!

At 34 weeks 2 days Grace and Wyatt decided it was time to join us, with a little help from an old pregnancy enemy, PreEclampsia!

With her feet swollen, our surro called the nurse line and was quickly headed o the hospital, at just before midnight she gave us a call and said to head up because they were going to break her water. Brian and I were on the road 10 minutes later and arrived at the hospital just before 2a.m. As things progressed the water was broken, her blood pressure was not stabilizing and now we were getting into a risky area. Wyatt was head down, Grace was beach, so the epidural was put in and we went from 5 cm dilated to 10 in a matter of minutes.

In the OR two pushes later Wyatt Rhys came screaming into the world at 5 pounds 3 ounces looking dirty but otherwise perfect! 11 minutes later, after som maneuvering into a head down position, which was scary as hell, little Grace Violet came screaming in even louder than her brother at 4 pounds 4 ounces, and just as perfect as her brother. They were both exactly 17 inches long.

Our surro did great, but sadly suffered from the high blood pressure, went into shock and got toxemia. Her brain swelled and she lost her vision, which saddened the event, but I am extremely happy to report as of today she is on the mend! Her blood pressure is lowering, her color and strength are returning, and she is able to see with some blur for a good distance. She is expected to make a full recovery! Thank the good Lord above!

We are in the NICU but things seem to be going well, they said plan 2 weeks, give or take, so again we look one day at a time, and celebrate all the successes of Wyatt and Grace! They can breathe all on their own, Wyatt was already taken off his IV, Grace should be tomorrow, and they are chugging down their formula increasing right on schedule. Grace is having some issues with her bottle, a little slow, but she's getting there!

We have so much to be thankful for, I don't know how I can ever thank the Lord or our surro enough! It hardly seems real to me yet to see them and hold them, they are really here! I never imagined being able to love this much, but my two little miracles have been burned into my heart, and I love them more than anyone will ever know!

More to come, including pictures! Once I figure out how! :).

Brave heart, and God bless and be with all you special women out there who are so giving so that people like Brian and I can be parents and a family!!

Bravest of hearts!

Monday, June 20, 2011

33 Week appointment update!

Here we are 33 weeks and 2 days along.  Our appointment today was the usual, urine, weight, blood pressure, heartbeats, cervix discussion.  :)  All is well.

Our surro's blood pressure has gone up a bit, but not enough to cause our OB any kind of alarm.  Everything remains otherwise as it were last week, and we just wait now. 

Monday is our next appointment, the last one we currently have scheduled, and we'll be having an ultrasound to check if W&G are both still head down.  We know W is cause the OB can feel his little head in there!  After today we all laughed and said we'll probably go full term all the way to Week 38. LOL.

So, we wait, and wait.  Brian and I went on a spending spreee this weekend and bought everything else we need for W&G, it was fun, but man some things cost a fortune!  We brought everything home, and unpacked, we are confident we have everything we could possibly need now.  :)

Father's day was good.  We had everyone over to our house, and we got Father's Day cards, but it was kind of weird, I don't feel like a father yet.  I know they are coming, but hard to believe in a few weeks we will be dads! Wow.

I bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers, AGAIN, but it worked for me the first time, and when I fell off the wagon once and gained 14 pounds.  I need something to help keep me on track, it's so hard to fall off the wagon.  Like an alcoholic, I am a food-oholic, it's my addiction.  Right now I find myself wanting to eat because I am bouncing off the walls.  It should do the trick, but wow did I forget how hungry I am the first couple days when I am eating portions I am supposed to eat.
I went back because after such a successful couple of weeks I knew houw easy it would be to just eat pizza again, and I don't have time to be yo-yoing back and forth.  I want to be fit and healthy for my kids!!

Other than that, I guess I'll be working this week. LOL.  Oh well, I'm pretty much down to Tuesday thru Thursday these days, and I get to wear jeans the rest of my weeks until my leave.  Getting to be casual attire works perfect for me should we get the call while at work.  The last thing I want is to drive to the hospital in dress clothes! :)

Until later, Brave Heart!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

32 Weeks and 2 Days (almost 3)

Well we had our weekly appointment, and we have dilated now to 3cm.  We're also thinning out, but I don't really get that, but I know it has to happen. :)
The minute I saw our surro today I knew things were gonna change, she has dropped.  The belly is not high any longer, she's carrying them low now.  And sure enough, she is.
Both babies are still head down, our OB says they won't change now, he'd be extremely surprised if they did.  Little man W has his head right down in the pelvis now, I'm pretty sure he's just about ready to go.
Everything looks good, even with the 3cm, our OB is not going to put our surro in the hospital, he says she can do this at home, and if she needs to call then call right away.  He said if they are ready to come, then come that will, he's not going to try and stop them.  We're hoping for 2 more weeks!  We all just want 2 more weeks.

We're doing well, I came right home and packed W&G's hospital bag.  We had it started but got their 1st picture outfits so those needed a wash, and pack.  Otherwise, they are done!  I also boiled all the nuks, just in case we need a few right away. (I am sure the hospital will also be having a supply)
Brian and I began packing our bags as well, so those will be in the car tonight!  One never knows I suppose, W&G have a mind of their own now.

It's an exciting time, and a scary one.  I keep telling myself our surro was dilated to 2 for 4 weeks, so we may be at 3 now for 2 weeks, or more.  Our OB said he'd see us Monday, so I think he's pretty sure we'll hold out too.

I guess that's all for the moment.  I'm starving, time for dinner. (Oh and I have lost 6 pounds too, so I am on the right track.  These appointments and changes have me extra motivated!)

Until next time, Brave Heart!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So many updates......

Greetings to all my followers (all faithful 5 of you) :)

Well I will begin my new post by saying my sister did an AMAZING job on the shower Saturday.  We had such a great time, and so many family members and friends from out of town came in for our big day.  The food was amazing, the decorations so cute, and the gifts APPRECIATED more than anyone could know. 
We had a beautiful day for the shower, which lent itself to being oustide.  80 degrees, a nice breeze and not a cloud in the sky.  It was perfect, the perfect gift from the Lord on that day.

My sister had a fun game for people to play, and that was how we announced the names of the Twins to everyone.  Everyone approved, of course even if they didn't they pretended too.  Of course, my family would probably have told me if they did not approve. :)

After unpacking and settling back in at home we were completely beat.  We looked everything over, reflected on the day, and talked about how excited we were for our family to begin!

Yesterday we had our weekly appointment, Week 31, and everything looked great with W&G.  They measure 4lbs 1oz and 4lbs 0oz.  W had the hicupps so we got to see that on ultrasound, and then the tech pointed out that W was also practicing his breathing.  I take that as a good sign.  Both are head down and our OB says more than likely that's how they're going to stay now.  There isn't much room left in there.  We aren't going to argue that point, and as of right now we're on for a vaginal delivery.  Much to the relief of our surrogate.  That has been her hope all along.
Her cerviz remains dilated to 1.5cm, and hasn't changed in a little over 3 weeks, so we continue to hope that stays as it is, for a few more weeks at least.  Our OB says if we get to July 11th (36 Weeks) and he is convinced all looks darn near perfect we'll induce around that date.  Sometime that week.  And both babies are measuring 32 weeks as of yesterday, so a week ahead of schedule.  So, we actually all kind of expect them to come on their own before July 11th, but  if not all the better.  The longer they stay in there the less likely we are to have to spend any time in the NICU.  A hope we all share!

We proceeded to the Hospital for our tour and orientation.  It was a great visit (even though our surro and I had been there already for the kidney stones, but Brian got to see everything) They have surrogates there all the time, so we are not unique, which is good because we got a lot of good information.  We for sure get our own room and the babies will be staying with us.  Our journey as parents begins the moment they are born and placed skin to skin on our chests!  That will be an amazing moment!
We left in great spirits, and had dinner with our surro and her two sons.  Then Brian and I headed on our 90 minute drive home, talking about the great day we had.  We're very optimistic, and very excited.  Our hospital bags, and W&G's have been started.  We know it won't be long now, and this week is already flying by.  Saturday marks 32 weeks! We are doing our last minute things, and are making a big push to complete the last project we wanted to get done before they get here this weekend.  The time draws so near.  It is almost surreal to me.

I know that before long our every day simplicities will change to complexity.  No more quick runs to Target, or to grab dinner.  No more lounging around watching TV.  But I have to tell you from the bottom of my heart, I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED  THAN I AM RIGHT NOW!!  I long to be a parent, to be a father, a role model for my two little miracles.  This has been a dream for so long, and sometimes I think I am actually dreaming, but it is real.  W&G are on their way, and I cannot thank God enough!

These final weeks will crawl by, but we have much to do week in and week out.  That will help pass the time, and before we know it W&G will be here, and my life will be enriched and blessed like it never has before.  To hold them for the first time and know they are ours will be unlike any other feeling I have ever experienced.  I'm going to be the proudest papa that ever lived!!!

Peace, and brave heart!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Week 4 day appointment update & more....

Well we had our 30 week and 4 days appointment today, which is an appointment because we have been dilated to 1.5cm since week 28.  This was another great appointment, cervix remains at 1.5cm and everything else is looking just great.  Blood pressure and weight are on target and our surro is in good spirits. 
Our appointment was actually the fastest one ever, our OB was on time and not off delivering babies.  We got right in, had some chat about the delivery and checked, released, see ya on Monday.  It was great.

We went to Perkins for some pie and lemonade, and to visit, we sat and chatted for a couple hours and then Brian and I headed home to get a run in.  I'm totally committed to losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks, and I am so determined!  I have done a great job since Sunday, with a run 2 nights, and walks all the others.  I am eating fruits and veggies, and drinking a ton of water.  Which I always do, water is actually my beverage of choice, but I am making sure I am getting the right amount.  I've gone cold turkey and cut our soda, diet and regular, and will begin turning off the daily Red Bull.  I've started scaling it back to the 8 ounce, instead of the 12.  It's a beginning.  I'm going to shed these 10 by July 4th!  I'll keep you posted.

My sister has everything under control for the shower on Saturday, and we're really excited to see some family and friends we haven't seen in awhile.  People are coming in from all over, and we are thrilled they are coming.  Our surro is hoping to get there, but we will understand if she can't, being on the modified bedrest, and it's just over an hour.  No biggie, but she would have to come alone.  Her fiance is going with her son to a race (son is racing) and her daughter is going to be gone.  We told her to bring a friend if she wanted too, so hopefully it will all work out.  The great news: THE SUN IS SUPPOSED TO BE SHINING!!! 

Well, other than that, just keeping the faith and holding a brave heart.  Monday's appointment is preceeded by an ultra sound and we are all really excited to see how much W&G weigh! W was 3.2lbs last time and G was 2.9 @ 28 weeks.  So, we are hoping they are both close to 4.  And then we have our Hospital tour as well, at 4:30.  A busy day, and we'll close with a nice dinner.

Perhaps until then, maybe a post after the shower,
Brave Heart!