Monday, June 20, 2011

33 Week appointment update!

Here we are 33 weeks and 2 days along.  Our appointment today was the usual, urine, weight, blood pressure, heartbeats, cervix discussion.  :)  All is well.

Our surro's blood pressure has gone up a bit, but not enough to cause our OB any kind of alarm.  Everything remains otherwise as it were last week, and we just wait now. 

Monday is our next appointment, the last one we currently have scheduled, and we'll be having an ultrasound to check if W&G are both still head down.  We know W is cause the OB can feel his little head in there!  After today we all laughed and said we'll probably go full term all the way to Week 38. LOL.

So, we wait, and wait.  Brian and I went on a spending spreee this weekend and bought everything else we need for W&G, it was fun, but man some things cost a fortune!  We brought everything home, and unpacked, we are confident we have everything we could possibly need now.  :)

Father's day was good.  We had everyone over to our house, and we got Father's Day cards, but it was kind of weird, I don't feel like a father yet.  I know they are coming, but hard to believe in a few weeks we will be dads! Wow.

I bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers, AGAIN, but it worked for me the first time, and when I fell off the wagon once and gained 14 pounds.  I need something to help keep me on track, it's so hard to fall off the wagon.  Like an alcoholic, I am a food-oholic, it's my addiction.  Right now I find myself wanting to eat because I am bouncing off the walls.  It should do the trick, but wow did I forget how hungry I am the first couple days when I am eating portions I am supposed to eat.
I went back because after such a successful couple of weeks I knew houw easy it would be to just eat pizza again, and I don't have time to be yo-yoing back and forth.  I want to be fit and healthy for my kids!!

Other than that, I guess I'll be working this week. LOL.  Oh well, I'm pretty much down to Tuesday thru Thursday these days, and I get to wear jeans the rest of my weeks until my leave.  Getting to be casual attire works perfect for me should we get the call while at work.  The last thing I want is to drive to the hospital in dress clothes! :)

Until later, Brave Heart!!

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  1. Awesome update Cole! I bet the babies will bake until 38 weeks too! I'm glad you had a good (unofficial) Father's Day, next year W&G will be with you!! :-)
    I'll probably join WW after I have the baby too, like you, I love to eat and if I don't have structure, I'm no good!
    Good luck!