Monday, May 23, 2011

Appointment Update

Well we had the first of our now weekly appointments, and everything remains as it was last Monday!  We were very thankful to hear that, and that we would not be heading right to the hospital.  The OB is convinced that if we do exactly as we did this week we'll have no problems making it to 35 weeks.  He's so optimistic! LOL.  We all breathed a sigh of relief, and proceed on with the rest of our day.

As of today we have 19 days (counting today) until we reach week 32.  Which is, as I have mentioned, our first milestone.  I have great confidence we'll make it, and great faith in the Lord.  There is a calm over me, especially right now after the appointment.  I'm just gonna go with that.

I actually did get an entire chapter written last Friday in my book, which felt like such a great accomplishment.  I was very proud, although now I feel so obligated to finish it.  I have 10 chapters left to go, I am not sure I have that in me before W&G arrive.  However, I was fine before because it was the middle chapter, half way through, and I ended that chapter with a mid book cliffhanger if you will.  I had always been fine knowing it was a good place to come to an end for awhile if necessary.  Now, I have moved passed it, and feel the need for it to have an ending.  Do I have 10 chapters in me before 4th of July?  I'll keep you posted.

Brian and I worked inside all weekend, due to the nasty weather, but we did get some indoor projects complete.  We got the cabinets stained for the bar and the top cabinets even hung.  Brian tiled the floor, and we got W&G's room all cleaned up after Babies Shower #1.  And I actuallu exercised and counted my points.  Yes, I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, although you wouldn't know it right now! LOL.  I have fallen off the wagon, but I am three days strong now, and I looked at pictures from a couple years ago this morning, I want to be 155lbs again!  I can so do this can't I?  I mean that's only 15 pounds.  Well, I logged into WW today and co unted points, and all day I have been focused on those pictures.  And I so wanted to stop at McDonalds on the drive home from the appointment, but I did not.  I stopped at got fruits and vegetables for the week, and I am so gonna do this!!

Well, that's all for the moment.  One day at a time, Saturday we hit week 30.  I look forward to that milestone as well!!  Thanks for reading,

Brave Heart, until next time,

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  1. You can do it!!!! And yay, for no change at the appointment! :-)