Friday, May 20, 2011

Another day (22 to go until Milestone #1)

So I debated to post last night late or first thing today, I am so superstitious that I felt I couldn't post about day 23 until it were actually over.  (and I can't stay up past 10pm)

So we made it through Day 23 (to go) to our first milestone on bedrest of Week 32.  It has been a good week for our surro on her first few days and she is keeping herself busy while sitting or laying down, so that's good, and she's listening to her body.  She wants to keep the babies in as long as possible as well, and has a great support system around her.  Her fiance works nights so her mom and his mom have been coming over every night to be with her and her three kids.  That's a great support system.  She's doing what the OB said because we both know that he'll put her in the hospital on Monday if anything has changed at all.

I'm doing alright knowing she's resting and off her feet, and also knowing this has happened with all three of her kids, but it wasn't as significant then because it was a single baby, and she was never working at this point.  So, we figure par for the course at this point, just take it easy.

We've all joked (O, her fiance J, my partner Brian and I) that of all four of us this was the worst person to happen to.  She and Brian are so much alike, move, move, move, and that I should have been the one on bedrest.  I could live a lifetime sitting and watching my favorite TV shows.  I would have pulled out my 14 seasons of Dallas and started the marathon!)

Of course she called me yesterday and told me that her boobs were full, maybe TMI, but we share everything with one another.  We discussed starting to pump to relieve the pain (we did not) but we called the hospital and asked about pumps and they quickly told us NOT TO DO THAT!  Unless we wanted to be having the babies that afternoon.  We quickly changed our plans.  Too bad though we would have had a great supply going.

So, that was the day, nothing significant.  I think everyone's in good spirits, and just taking it one day at a time.  We have our milestones all mapped out, and an appointment on Monday afternoon.  Hopefully we'll be in the same place we were last Monday.  One can pray, right?

I'm going to try and go with the good and attempt to avoid eating out of habit, nervousness and stress.  I really need to lose some pounds here before W&G are born.  I would never forgive myself if I was not at my goal weight in their baby pictures.  I can do it, I just need to follow the Lord through this, and allow him to guide me.  W&G are doing fantastic, and we got the steroid shot (Which I think maybe did the boob thingy) and W weighs 3lbs2oz which I think is pretty good for 28 weeks.  I wish his sister G could get there, but she's close, and maybe she will be soon.  I love my little babies more than anything in this whole world, they are my life, and they always will be.  There's nothing I won't do for them, which is why I need to get in shape so I can make sure I am here for them in health.

Well, I suppose that's all for now.  Here's to a great Day 22, and that we get to our first milestone!

Thanks to my followers, and hello to any new ones.  This I think will definitely make me feel better.  I really enjoy writing, so also need to use that outlet.  I have a book to finish writing if I can before W&G get here.  Maybe I'll jump back into that and write a chapter today.  I'll keep you posted!  It's funny this series I started actually began as a short story on my old MySpace blog.  It's a trilogy, and knowing book 3 may not happen for a few years seems to tell me to at least try and finish book 2!  Sounds like a good outlet to me!

Peace, and brave heart, until next time.

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  1. Hooray for another day down! I'm sure you'll make it PAST your 1st milestone. And hopefully reach your weight loss goal as well. You like pizza, my IM likes wine, lol. I told her to drink some for me too, this process can stress even the calmest person out! :-)