Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Testing things out

So I have never had a blog before, at least not since back in the days of MySpace, where I used to blog all the time.  Wow, that does seem  like a lifetime ago now.

Anyway, I thought as so many people have blogs I would start one as well, maybe it will be a great place for me to type out my emotions as to everything going on with our journey to being parents.  Well, at least my personal journey, I wouldn't wish to speak on behalf of anyone else and theit feelings.  I would only be guessing.

As many people already know we are currently 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant with Twins, and this week we have been put on restriction because the cervix of our surro is open the size of the OB's finger tip.  Yikes!  Of course I am freaking out and scared, but I am also trying to look on the bright side of things.  That mainly being that the twins are doing really well at this point, and we didn't get put on hospital bedrest.  Which has to be a good sign, I hope.

I won't go on too much right now as I did already post this on the forum site, but I will update this as the days and weeks go by.  For now we are on a countdown to 32 weeks, which is 24 days from today.  That's our first goal, our first milestone.  We'll set new ones after that, our long range goal being July 4th!

I know our surro is really strong, so I need to find my strength so I can be ready for everything which lies ahead.

Brave Heart!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!! Looking forward to continuing to follow your journey! :)

  2. yay I can follow your blog now! I know for me it's a great outlet and I feel better after I wrtie :) Wishing you and your "twinkies" the best!!


  3. I'm glad you started a blog! I'll be following the whole way! :-)