Sunday, November 27, 2011

Has it really been 5 months already?

The title says it all!  Today marks 5 months since Grace and Wyatt joined our family.  The time has sure flown by, but our new little family is doing really well and we have adjusted to everything.  I cannot believe how big they are getting either, and all the fun changes which have taken place.

They are both all smile, and laughing.  I love that now when Brian and I come into the room they smile and get excited to see us.  They are jabbering like crazy, so much to say.  Grace is so quiet and mellow when she gurgles out her cute little noises, but Wyatt has found he can get louder and louder and louder so where he once was cute noises he now is pretty much yelling! :)  Which is still cute, of course.

Grace is rolling over and anxious to explore, her favorite toy is her stuffed yellow cow that has rattles in it;s hand, and crunchy ears.  She has learned how to shake it to make it make noise.  And she can even put  her nuk nuk in her mouth by herself.  She's such a smart little thing! :)

Wyatt is kind of a couch potato, but he is starting to attempt rolling over.  We think it's because he sees his sister doing that and wants to do so as well.  He likes music and bright colors, and has a nasty TV habit, we are breaking.  He has, like his sister, the cutest smile ever.

We started daycare a couple weeks ago, just part time, and the ladies tell us they fight over who gets to watch them because they are so good and the cutest babies in the place.  Of course I agree they are.  Wyatt and Grace have a great schedule, they eat and nap at the same time every single day, and don't kill us, but they have been sleeping through the night since end of September!  They go to bed after a little cuddle time at 7:30/8:00 and sleep until 7 in the morning!!  Needless to say their daddies have adjusted n icely to getting back to normal sleep patterns!  (Although the 7am is tough for Brian, he is not a morning person.)

We're trying to get a part time nanny now to come into the house, just to make things easier, unless the daycare at my work we've been using allowed for part time, then we'd just stay there.  It's good to have interaction with the other kids, and to build an immunie system.  They both have already survived their first colds.  And so did we, not too bad, just a lot of boogers. :)

Other than that, we have enjoyed our fist major holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and we LOVED every moment of it.  Wyatt really was excited at Halloween, and Grace slept through most of it, but Thanksgiving was truly special with much to be thankful for this year.  It was also fun to remember back to last year on Thanksgiving morning when we found out we were pregnant!  Hard to believe it has already been a year since we found out we were pregnant, and now it's been five months since our family was started!

We have our Christmas cards ready to be sent, and I have waited so LONG to send a card with our family on it, and this year we will, and every year after.  I have always looked a the other cards we have gotten and been sad we could not have one with our kids, but at long last we get to share in that excitement.  I loved having Holiday photos taken of our family, and I know everyone is anxious to see them.

So, for now that's that.  We move on with our family and our precious miracles, Wyatt and Grace. (Grace who incidentally Brian just brought in to my office and gave me the biggest and cutest smile ever, I love my little Princess!!, she definitely has me wrapped around her tiny pinky and will forever)

I'll be back, and try to get more regular updates for my loyal followers.  Six months is right around the corner, and so is Christmas!!!


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