Saturday, June 1, 2013

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Hello old friends, it has sure been a long time since I blogged anything.  Honestly after some computer issues and what not Ii actually totally lost the site for the longest time, and just now recently have had this pull to blog.  I decided today was the day to go looking for it, and honestly it wasn't too tough. LOL.

I have sure been a busy guy over the last year, considering that's how long it's been since I've even blogged anything.  It has been an amazing year to say the least.  Many changes in my life, as well as my beautiful families lives.

I guess I'll start that almost a year to the day I was laid off from my job of 10+ years at Allianz Life Insurance Company here in Minnesota.  It wasn't a surprise by any means, things had been shaky there for awhile and with a change in leadership I knew the day was coming that I would get a severance package, of course, with that came the debate on if I was going to post for a ne position or just take my package and go off into the world seeking new opportunities.  After all I did now have two small children to consider, and the economy isn't that great. 

In any event, after discussing the issue with my partner the day came, and my boss let me know that my position had been eliminated.  The discussion was not a surprise, but when she asked me what new position in the organization appealed to me, I played along with what did, but it truly was the end of the line.  I left the office that day with my papers in hand, and the feeling as if though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I could breathe, for in some way the chaos that was surrounding me would no longer do so.  I would leave the company with my head held high, and find my fortunes elsewhere.

The blessing was that Ii really already had gone down a path of seeking opportunities in Real Estate.  Working with a builder here in Minnesota selling new construction.  I followed that path, and my heart, which was great because it allowed me the opportunity to send August-December at home with  my kids as I was getting my Real Estate license and just taking a break from the world of work!  It was nice to decompress after a few years of absolute hell.

During that time Brian (My Partner) and I took the kids up north for their first family vacation too Birch Forest Lodge.  This was fun, they played with their cousins, and had fun on the beach and just starting to get a taste of the great outdoors.  We had so much fun. 

We also took our first plane ride with Wyatt & Grace to Atlanta for a long weekend, and that too was amazing.  We also headed too Appleton, Wisconsin to visit family, and took a great family trip to Disney World in November.  Needless to say out children are great at traveling, and will have many stories to tell about the places they have seen, all before they officially turn 2 years old. (We just got home from Chicago, and were in Destin, Florida for Easter)

Grace had surgery in September to remove her vascular birthmark on her cheek.  She handled it like a champ, and didn't cry once, which makes it a heck of a lot easier on myself. She was great, and she had a follow up laser procedure, and is good to go. 

My greatest blessings in life are my kids, how they have changes my whole world.  I cannot believe that today before I wrote this blog I was filling out Tinker Bell and Jake and the Neverland Pirate birthday invitations for their second birthday party.  Where in the world did the last two years go? I have watched my 4 & 5 pound little babies grow into toddlers who can take on the world and have so much light an energy in them.  Their smiles make me smile, and sometimes when they cry it makes me cry.  But every second with them is such a blessing to me.  Playing with their toys, or going for a walk over to the park.  Watching in awe as Wyatt climbs up the playset and goes down the slide, or smiling hen Grace points to the swing and says "wing" and seeing her beautiful little smile as I give her that first push.  Time does truly fly that's for sure.

They both have this thing where they have to be rocked before bed now, and some nights I am so tired I just want them to go to bed so I can have some downtime, but then I tell myself in the blink of an eye they're not going to want to snuggle and rock in the rocker before bedtime.  So, I forego that downtime in place of spending that precious time with the two most special people in my whole life.  How could I ever deny them those little moments, maybe they will remember them? 

Anyway I realize this is getting very long, but rest assured this time I am indeed going to be back frequently to write about life.  As soon as I figure out how to change the heading Ill give that an update too.  Of course after all this time I have totally forgotten how.  Not a shock, I really am technically challenged. Ha!

Please comment, leave questions, anything.  I'd love to see this grow interactively somehow.  I know there are still not a whole lot of gay dads out there, we are quite the spectacle wherever we go.  People are always commenting (good for the most part) and watching us,  But really, we're just like every other family out there.  We do the same things you do with our kids.  We just had too go a long and expensive route to have them.  :)

Peace for now,

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  1. It's so great to hear from you! It's crazy how time flies :) I testified with my former IM for some pro-surrogacy Maryland legislation
    I can't wait to hear more from you and your twinkies hehehe!!