Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Update June 2-June 7, 2013

     So I promised I would write more and I am going to try and stay true to my commitment.  I realize people may read and think who cares what you have to say?  Ha, but I guess that's just the way it goes.  I'll use this as a tool for my writing need, since I can't find time to write another book these days.

     Incidentally on that subject Ii did self publish my very first book which seems like millions of years ago since I wrote it.  It got some good sales the first month but now it's dropped off.  I know it's because I need to market, that's a definite downside to self-publishing) but it's still cool to say I have it out there.  You never know when the right person will buy it, read it, get addicted, get their friends addicted, and it blossoms into the next big thing.  I can dream right?

     So I have been rereading them and reworking them all a bit, I'm about nine chapters into the fifth book, so far so good.  I am enjoying reading them after having not done so in quite a few years.  I still view them as one of my greatest accomplishments in life.

     So, I guess I should talk about the kids.  They are definitely the lights of my life.  We got their birthday invites all sent out.  So, I think that is a great relief.  We've landed on the cakes, a Fairy cake for Grace and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Wyatt.  It's a definite challenge having two birthday themes, but I take it as it comes.  They are both their own little people, and have not shared much their young lives.  This will be no different, and besides Ms. Sassy Pants would never have a theme she didn't like.  Oh yes, our little princess has already become her own little girl.  She picks out her clothes and will not wear what she does not want to wear.  It's cute, but some days what she picks just makes me laugh.  At least one day this week she was coordinated even if she was head to toe pink.  Otherwise, whatever she picks is anyone's guess.  Wyatt just wears whatever you give him.

     Grace is also very ready to potty and poopy on the big potty.  She will run to you and say pee pee, or poopy, and run to the bathroom.  I have sat her tiny little booty on the toilet everyday this week, nothing has happened, but as soon as we get off she does her business in the diaper.  So, I know she knows what to do, but maybe the big toilet is intimidating to her.  I think we will invest in a little potty for her and Wyatt.  I just can't believe they are already going to be 2 years old.  Where did the time ever go??

     Also this week, I asked the kids what they wanted to get Dada for Father's Day, and Grace promptly turns to me and says, "Pants."  I laughed out loud and asked her "Pants?"  she smiled gave me a giggle, and replied, "Yes, Pants."  I told Brian that and he laughed.  I may actually have to find some pants from Grace for him. LOL.

     Both the kids have been sick this week, but  in good spirits, other than the fact we are trapped inside due to our really great weather!  I thought we lived in Minnesota, not Seattle?  I wonder who put a bee in Mother Nature's bonet that she would be so miserable to allow us 50's and 60's in June.  Um, yeah June Mother Nature GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!  :)

     Other than that, been kind of busy myself with work, the real estate market is hot these days here in Minnesota.  I figure if I can sell 3-4 more houses this year I will be set, and whatever happens then can happen.  It's amazing to me that in 3 months time I have actually made what I made in my previous job for a year.  It's going to be even sweeter when debt is paid off and I can kind of coast and not necessarily worry about the next sale.  But, I take it one day, and one sale at a time.  Fall Parade will yield some sales, of course, those will have closings in the early part of 2014, but nothing like looking ahead and planning for a year right?  (I work new construction, residential, real estate.  So, closing takes place when the house is complete)

     Well, it has been kind of a slow week, so I'll pop off for now.  Of course I'll drop back in should something of fun or relevance arrive in my life.  Like maybe the summer weather?  LOL.

Peace folks,

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