Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekly Update June 8-June 15

Well it has been a pretty good week.  It had it's highs and lows that's for sure.  Mostly highs I think, but honestly I am so tired right now I probably shouldn't even be doing this. Ha!

We went to the Manitou Days parade last night with the kids out in White Bear Lake, which was fun, but it also meant dinner after, and the kids were up until 10:15.  Not a huge deal as occasionally they have those events where they get thrown off their sleeping pattern and routine.  But, as a parent that can be murder!  I knew Wyatt & Grace's late night would never mean a sleep in, and at 5:30 I heard a little voice in her room calling out for her nanoo.  Which if I haven't mentioned is her pink nuk.  The only nuk she will take, and I've told her when it goes missing the nuk days are over.  She clings to that thing.  But, anyway, she starts calling for the nuk, and being the bad parent I was this morning I figured it was on the floor, shell get over it.  I was too tired to get out of bed and go get it for her.  I know, I know!!  Well, then she starts yelling "Daddy."  "Daddy."  and then of course I'm going.  My little princess needs me.  LOL.  I get in there and the nanoo is on the floor, I give it to her and pray she'll fall back to sleep.  Oh no, she gets her nanoo and hen it's "out, down" with her little fingers pointing to the door, and her wanting to go downstairs and play.  Which, of course, we did.

I'm paying the price now, sitting her in the model home, it's raining, and I'm doing everything I can to stay awake.  Haha!!

We also got booked this week for our annual visit to Mickey Mouse, or Disney World.  We found an awesome deal, which now that we have to pay for the kids starting in two weeks to fly is a must.  We are all really looking forward to it, and the kids will be much more excited than last year.  They will be a bit overwhelmed I bet. :)  We are telling them all about it, and preparing them, even if it is 5 months away.

Let me see, what else?  We continue to plan for heir birthday, and I continue to try and decide what to get Brian for Father's Day.  I know I t's tomorrow.  Any ideas?? 

Work is good, I sold the model home today, which is awesome.  I only need two more sales that will close this year and I will be very happy.  I think I have them lined up, but as they taught you in real estate school, it's never a done deal until you get to closing.  But, I am optimistic.

Well friends, I think for this week I'll be off.  I would stay and write, but I am exhausted.


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